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Johns Hopkins is dedicated to improving safety on and around our Baltimore campuses. As we consider options to augment our security operations, there will be events and opportunities for members of our community—including students, faculty, staff and neighbors—to weigh in. We invite you to visit this site for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the status of the proposal to establish a police department at JHU?

The security challenges on and around the Johns Hopkins campuses in Baltimore have not subsided, and we continue to believe we need to augment the capabilities of our security operation to ensure the safety and security of our community. We are considering a broad range of options, including the potential for building a best-in-class, university-based police department, and we need and are seeking the input of our faculty, students, staff, neighbors, community groups, and elected officials.

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What about constitutional protections?

If delegated full police powers by the General Assembly, JHU police officers would be subject to all federal and state constitutional protections and limitations.

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Would a police department take over student discipline and free speech?

Establishing a university police department would not change our student conduct policies. Our goal is not to criminalize activity that can be and currently is addressed through other means.

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Relevant Research

Do university police forces reduce crime?

A look at the short- and long-term effects the University of Chicago Police Department has had both on campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods

More officers, fewer crimes

The presence of university police officers at University of Pennsylvania has reduced crime by up to 60 percent in the city blocks nearest to campus

What do our peers do?

An overview of what kinds of safety and security measures in place at Johns Hopkins’ peer institutions

This is a critical opportunity not only to strengthen public safety in and around our campuses but also to model best practices that focus specifically on the needs of our community.


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